What to expect from holistic grief coaching

What to expect from holistic grief coaching sessions:

Holistic grief coaching is a little different to conventional bereavement counselling in that it considers all aspects of the grieving process and how bereavement can affect the mind, body and spirit – hence the use of the word holistic. Grief can affect us in a multitude of ways and unfortunately this fact isn’t always acknowledged.

How does holistic grief coaching differ from what is traditionally offered to bereaved people?

As with bereavement counselling, I will listen to you talk about your loved one, what happened to them and how it has affected you, to whatever extent benefits you. In addition, I may also offer ideas on how you can support yourself during the grieving process. Therefore, holistic grief coaching sessions can be a little more pro-active than conventional bereavement support.

I will adapt sessions to you as an individual. So, if you need help with some of the physical symptoms that can manifest after a loss – such as insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches etc – I can advise in my capacity as a nutritional therapist.

If it feels to you that you’re on a different page in the grieving process to that of another family member and this is concerning you and affecting your relationship, then I bring in my family dynamics training.

I’m also aware that sometimes grievers want to talk about the spiritual aspect of losing someone but often don’t feel they can. I am very comfortable exploring this with you, without judgement.

So I can mentor you through your bereavement in a number of different ways, tailoring our sessions to your individual needs. The reason I help others in grief is because I have learned through personal experience how devastating and life-changing it can be and because I didn’t find the support I needed when first bereaved. I know how powerful it can be to have someone who really gets what you’re going through – and that’s what I aim to offer.

How I can support you:

  • I have the personal and professional experience to help you navigate the challenging terrain of grief
  • I can help you feel understood
  • I will never minimise the reality of your pain and the ongoing nature of your grief
  • I can reassure you that all grief has the capacity to soften
  • I understand how to help you move forward, continuing your bond with your loved one, rather than ‘move on’ or ‘get over’ your loss.
  • I can be a compassionate voice in a sea of unhelpful platitudes and unrealistic expectations
  • I can gently encourage you to express your grief in order to make way for healing
  • I can support you if you are experiencing the physical expressions of grief and trauma using nutritional therapy, as well as my personal experience of having PTSD as a consequence of traumatic loss.

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I am so grateful to have found Vanessa’s unique form of bereavement support. She adapts her sessions to whatever you need and she is a kind and empathetic sounding board. I found I could really trust her because she has gone through traumatic grief herself. She understood how I felt and that to me made such a difference” Natalie, London

Would you like to find out more?

You can email me to tell me about your loss and we can arrange a session or you may prefer to have a chat first to find out if we feel we can work together. I never take anyone on if I don’t feel we’re a good fit or if I don’t think I can effectively support you in your grief. So, however you would like to proceed, please email me here: vanessa@wellbeingandnutrition.co.uk

If you decide you’d like me to support you through holistic grief coaching, we can get started as soon as possible. Sessions are fortnightly and are usually booked in blocks of six, though you can book in for a single one first if you prefer.

I look forward to walking with you on this challenging path.