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Looking for bereavement support? How I can help

Are you looking for bereavement support that can provide you with a safe space to express your grief? Where you will never feel judged, encouraged to ‘move on’ or told ‘your loved one would want you to be happy’?

Have you perhaps already seen a bereavement counsellor or therapist but didn’t feel they really ‘got’ what it was like to experience a loss like yours?

Perhaps, they wanted to explore your childhood or other past losses when all you could think about was the catastrophic, devastating life-changing loss that had just happened…

Or did you simply feel traditional bereavement counselling just left you stewing in your pain and didn’t give you any tangible tools to actually help you move through it?

What I offer is different

Firstly, I have lived experience of my own traumatic loss which means I most definitely get it. I personally didn’t find traditional forms of bereavement counselling or therapy very effective so I had to find my own way to navigate my loss. I did this by writing a book (due to be published next year) which helped me to process my loss, and by using the professional coaching and nutritional therapy tools I already had, together with extensive reading and research.

Here’s what I can offer: Grief can sometimes be a very isolating experience but I believe it can make a marked difference if you talk to someone who, through their own similar experience, can truly understand your pain, who can provide not only heartfelt compassion but also practical advice, coping skills and strategies for emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

I also believe that, for some, a significant loss can lead to a spiritual curiosity, opening us up to explore what happens after death. Studies have shown that around 70% of bereaved people believe they have had an after death communication from their loved ones. If this is an aspect of your grief that you feel has been dismissed or minimised in some way, you will be able to freely talk about this in our sessions if you want to.

 grief candle

The impact that grief and trauma have on physical health can be significant but is invariably overlooked.

The fallout from a significant loss, especially if it was sudden and traumatic, can notably affect your physical health in all manner of ways, from insomnia and anxiety to digestive upset and headaches. As a nutritional therapist, I can help with the physical aspects of grief that other methods of bereavement support rarely address.

The grief support I offer is holistic, covering not only the emotional impact but also the physical and spiritual facets of grief if needed. This integrated approach to grief is, to my knowledge, unique.

Grief is not linear – there are no neat ‘5 stages of grief’

You don’t need to ‘recover’ from grief, it’s not an illness. In fact, depending on the loss, you may well grieve forever – and that’s okay. But the pain can eventually soften and it is possible to build a life around the devastation of your loss. You can find meaning and purpose in life again.

My aim is to offer you hope and encouragement to begin to move forward, at your own pace – which is different from ‘moving on’ or ‘getting over’ or ‘finding closure’. I can listen to you talk about your loved one and the impact of their death, as well as help you to explore ways to honour them, continue your bond with them and to practice self-care.

I can walk beside you, lighting a path through your grief.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in and you’d like to know more about how I can support and mentor you through grief, please contact me:

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