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Success Stories


Pat Cooper, Southall:
I had consulted with a number of Nutritionists before I found Vanessa May and now I would not go to see anyone else as she is brilliant. Her vast knowledge and practical nature has helped me to resolve a number of health issues successfully. Consequently, I can not recommend her highly enough as she is always interested in you as a person and never forgets what has been discussed at previous consultations. So if you are looking for a warm, wise and genuine Nutritionist then look no further – Vanessa is the one.

Sophie Chalk, Herts:
Thank you for being an amazing coach to me, you really helped me out of my black hole. If it hadn’t have been for you, I don’t think that I would have embarked on the journey of getting back my life purpose. Thank you.

Em, London:
I have found my sessions with you a completely positive experience and I wanted to thank you for your empathy throughout. I now feel equipped with the knowledge to properly look after myself, mentally and physically, and have come to understand the importance of having a healthy diet, of which – prior to meeting you – I had no interest in. So thank you!!

Malgorzata, Perivale:
I first met Vanessa whilst looking for help with “feeling tired and exhausted all the time.” I found her very approachable, understanding and sincere and was able to establish very good rapport, which I believe is paramount in any therapy. I have managed to make quite a few changes to my eating habits and started targeted supplements. However, the most important aspect of sessions with Vanessa was realisation and admission (with Vanessa’s gentle but persistent nudging) that most, if not all, of my ailments are due to stress and my inability to process it correctly.  So when Vanessa suggested that I might benefit from Wellbeing Coaching, I agreed immediately fully believing in the positive outcome.  I found coaching sessions with Vanessa invaluable in my quest for wellbeing (both emotional and physical) and she offers well rounded personal advice. I have complete faith in Vanessa and would highly recommend her to anybody who is searching for answers to their health issues.

Cathy, Scotland:
Every holistic grief coaching session with Vanessa has offered me insight and hope, along with some potential strategies to work with. All very helpful to move towards an acceptance of my new day to day reality after my son’s death. The sessions have helped me release small bits of my pain when family are dealing with their own grief, and most friends do not know how to respond or listen.

Jodie Theakstone, Ealing:
Vanessa has been a tremendous help and her personal one to one service is very efficient, caring and thorough. Due to her, I have made massive improvements.  I am lucky to have been recommended to Vanessa and have no hesitation in advising others to see her too. I could not have got this far without Vanessa’s guidance, help and support which is very comforting during tough times.

Claire, Middlesex:
Vanessa’s whole body wellbeing approach to grief coaching has made me feel more balanced and calm. Each session is thought provoking with suggestions that lead nicely into the next session, I feel like I’ve tackled my grief head on. Thank you Vanessa!                     

Surinder, Ealing:
I sought Vanessa’s expertise at a time when I had just left a very stressful job which involved considerable travel with the inevitable consequences for both my diet and fitness. I had low levels of energy to the point of feeling slightly depressed. Not being a fan of pharmaceutical intervention, I was keen to start reversing the decline with some sensible and targeted nutritional therapy. And that is what I got from Vanessa.

The personalised prescription gave me more energy, improved my eye circles and helped lift my depression. And I lost some weight, a fantastic bonus. It isn’t just Vanessa’s skill at devising a personalised prescription I benefited from, she is also a very sympathetic and non judgemental listener – she engages you in a discussion rather than just tell you what you should do. I found her approach refreshing.

James Lucas, Clapham:
My first consultation was relaxed and very friendly and I felt able to talk openly about my physical and mental state without any judgment on Vanessa’s behalf. She was comforting and gave me hope that there were things we could do to help me. Since seeing her I have found that I am wheat intolerant and that I have a Candida infection.

The process has not been an easy one for me and I am very thankful for finding a practitioner with patience, understanding and a sense of humour. Also, if during the period between meetings I have ever needed any help or advice with regards to my diet or state of health, I have emailed her my problem and had a prompt response. There is a real feeling she cares and I find this very important.

Noreen, Middlesex:
Unsure what to expect, but approaching my well-being coaching sessions with an open mind, I have found the experience to be a very positive and empowering one. Well-being coaching with Vanessa has raised my self-awareness and through the process challenged me to really consider and articulate what are the various goals I want to achieve in different aspects of my life and, more importantly, to identify the specific actions that need to be undertaken to get there, including any obstacles that need to be overcome. Vanessa is supportive, non-judgemental and very easy to talk to and these factors coupled with her relaxed manner but focused style of questioning really encourages you to pin-point areas for action. Well-being coaching is a two-way process and as much as Vanessa’s role is to coach I soon realised I too needed to dig deep to find the answers myself. Whilst emotionally challenging at times, these were some of my most rewarding sessions!

Brenda Glassman, Hammersmith:
Vanessa May really knows her stuff. Her knowledge of nutrition has been invaluable in meeting my physical needs, and her supportive & sympathetic nature encourages complete trust in her therapeutic advice. I have been seeing her for over five years and would definitely recommend her. Thank you so much Vanessa!

Jane Whiteley, Beckenham:
I found Vanessa to be sympathetic and helpful; her nutritional advice on lowering my cholesterol levels proved most successful.  She educated me in the use of diet and supplements and her knowledge in this area greatly improved my bowel problem. I therefore thank her sincerely for the difference she has made to my health and wellbeing.

Angela Duffy, Chiswick:
A friend recommended I contact Vanessa after I constantly complained of headaches. I relied heavily on coffee and sugar to get me through my PMT. Vanessa suggested I changed my diet and although the first three days were difficult, the amazing energy levels and clear skin more than made up for it. The headaches cleared and I no longer suffered from a drop in energy, which before had happened every day around 4pm without fail. Several months on, I enjoy the odd drink of alcohol and cup of coffee, but compensate for this by following the programme again during the week. The menu options Vanessa suggested were tasty and easy to prepare. In addition to no more headaches, I also have the added bonus of losing 8lbs following her advice.

Elisabeth, Twickenham:
I have been on your diet for a week now and I must say I feel better. I have more energy during the day and feel much more cheerful. I now always have breakfast and lunch and have tried your recipes which are really nice and my family is eating them too, which definitely helps. The other good news is that I have already lost just under 2 kilos and my tummy is flatter. Can’t wait to see what happens next week! (taken from an e-mail)

Bridget, Ealing:
I approached Vanessa with two issues. Firstly, I had recently had a baby and wasn’t coping very well as my 6 month old daughter didn’t sleep very much and as a result I was feeling very tired and run down. The second issue had to do with my daughter’s skin condition; She developed acute eczema at a very early age. We started the process of building up both immune systems, cutting out possible trigger foods and after just 3 weeks the improvement to both my energy levels and my daughter’s skin was incredible. By six weeks the skin prick test revealed that egg was the trigger and once we had the final piece to the puzzle her skin really cleared up. She still doesn’t sleep through the night but I am coping reasonably well as my diet has ensured that I have the energy to deal with sleepless nights and a tired baby!

Kate, Ealing:
I sought Vanessa’s help when I didn’t know what to eat anymore. I am a vegetarian and I was overweight and lacking in energy with a very sluggish digestive system. I had six months of sessions with Vanessa and have seen a vast improvement. I feel so much healthier, have lost a stone and kept it off and have loads more strength and energy.

Steve Ball, Ealing:
For years I watched passively as my weight increased, my health deteriorated and my self image weakened. I had tried a few other diets with registered trademarks and they either didn’t work or became unmanageable. I was about 20kgs (just over 3 stone) overweight when I first saw Vanessa. She asked some questions that no doctor or diet had bothered asking. I had to start planning my meals and remove some of my staple foods I had been eating. She gave me all the reasons why they were bad and answered, in detail, all the questions I had. I reached my goal and got what I wanted – and so much more besides. I have much more energy at all times of the day, my fitness it at a much higher level than it had been for years and my confidence now surprises even myself!

M Reeves, Ealing:
For the past eight years I have suffered from bad IBS and related anxiety. I am really amazed at how improved my health has been since I took the decision to come and see you for treatment. I’d like to thank you very much for helping me to make such a massive improvement to my quality of life. I would make no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.

Janine, Bucks:
Vanessa’s warm, inclusive and non-judgemental manner enabled me to really open up in each coaching session. I have been able to explore so many aspects of my well-being, talking through many areas of my live I normally keep closed to others.  This has proved extremely cathartic and rewarding, has given me more self-belief, confidence and self-esteem, and has enabled me to set some achievable goals.  I would recommend Vanessa as a well-being coach, especially for those who don’t find it easy to talk about, and focus on, themselves.

Anthea, Ealing:
I just wanted to say thank you. I have continued with your routine and slowly but surely I now feel better than ever before and full of energy. I’m much more confident and reassured. Everything appears to be working just so and I’m firing on all cylinders. Both my daughter and husband are much relieved that my agonising mood swings are gone, and we’re all benefiting from my new found energy. Many thanks for your hard work, support and advice.

Marie Carli, Ealing:
When I first sought Vanessa’s advice, I had been suffering from Hyperthyroidism for 4 years and was taking ever stronger doses of medication in an attempt to stabilise my condition. This led to me feeling very sluggish and to lose 75% of my hair. I was also going through a very difficult time in my personal life and was on antidepressants. My endocrinologist had been wanting me to have surgery to remove my thyroid gland but I resisted the decision as I was convinced that, with the right help, my body could have a chance to heal itself. Vanessa analysed my diet and proposed a food plan as well as specific supplements to help my liver cope with the toxicity of the medicines I had been taking. With her invaluable expert help and continual support, I am pleased to say that I have been medicine free for over a year and my thyroid has now stabilised for the first time in 6 years!

Elena, Acton:
I decided to try Nutritional Therapy to alleviate a longstanding and persistent skin condition (acne). With much support and encouragement (and despite a few  transgressions) my condition has improved consistently and considerably.  An additional benefit that I did not expect, and am particularly happy with, is that I have a lot of energy and am eating a significantly healthier diet than before.  Although it has not been easy, I am really pleased with the overall results.

Sara Karlsson, Toronto:
I first contacted Vanessa May for general health help a few years ago and I found her advice second to none. So it was without hesitation that I contacted her again when I started suffering with the Menopause and needed guidance after choosing not to take HRT. Since my last meeting with Vanessa I have moved back to Canada so we now have consultations via Skype. Vanessa and I discussed my symptoms and then reviewed my diet and supplements. Once again I found her approach practical and positive. She has helped me to understand how proper nutrition affects us all uniquely and I have a much better idea of why certain foods work (or don’t) work for me, especially at this stage in my life. Vanessa advised me on what foods can optimise health – this has been invaluable and really the key to succeeding!! Thanks to Vanessa’s expertise and insight there has been such a noticeable improvement – my Menopause symptoms have diminished and I can certainly say I am a happier, healthier person!!!

Sarah, Hanwell:
I went to see Vanessa as I had a lot of anxiety problems, I was tired all the time and very stressed. Within a matter of weeks and a few changes to my diet the difference was remarkable. The consultations are very relaxed and Vanessa will adapt her recommendations to your personal taste. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa.

Jane Hickson, Ealing:
I went to Vanessa as a 40th birthday “treat”.  I have always struggled with maintaining a healthy diet and wanted to change my diet without it all being about weight loss.  Now a year and a half later my eating habits have been transformed (albeit with a few blips along the way!). I feel in control of my eating, have managed to lose a stone and a half, and have lots more energy.  Vanessa is easy to talk to and is great at giving practical and healthy food choices.  I would recommend a visit to anyone.

Agata Sysak, Kew:
When I met Vanessa I had problems with weight gain, low blood sugar, anxiety, bad digestion – the list was long. She helped me enormously and now all this seems to be part of the past. She also helped me to prepare for pregnancy.  Now I’m healthy and happily pregnant with my first baby girl and, as promised, sickness, cravings and weight-gain free. I highly recommend her services!

Raquel Sanchez, Hanwell:
Thanks Vanessa for your support. You have done such a great job. The first time we met I had aches, period pains, no energy, and had piled on the pounds, but now… my aches and period pains have disappeared, my energy is fantastic, and people are telling me how much weight I’ve lost. But the most important thing of all is the way you have changed my eating habits and how I lost weight without realising it! Of course, you have been the best witness of my progress and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again.

Gabriela and Nicola Phillips, Kingston Upon Thames:
I brought my 9 year old daughter Nicola as she was suffering from recurrent gastroenteritis and low energy which was beginning to affect her behaviour and general happiness. Vanessa is very kind and easy to talk to. She suggested dietary changes, supplements and a few books. Vanessa also encouraged my daughter to try new foods, being a very fussy eater. As a result my daughter has much more energy and also her immune system is much stronger. In the past year she only suffered from one mild cold and one day of gastroenteritis. Thanks to Vanessa, Nicola is a happy child again. When I first saw Vanessa I was diagnosed with gastritis, iron deficiency after the birth of my second daughter, pre-menstrual syndrome and heavy periods. She recommended what foods I should/shouldn’t be eating to allow my stomach to settle down and which supplements may help with the process. I also started taking a natural iron supplement which doesn’t give me any side effects. My pre-menstrual symptoms are much better and I have had a dramatic improvement in the heavy periods. I have also learnt a great deal about how the food I eat influences my body and as a result my family have started eating much healthier too. Thank you Vanessa!

Andrea Black, Brentford:
Upon speaking to Vanessa, I realised her knowledge in her specialised field could help me. She was persuasive enough to make me realise the habits of a lifetime needed to be addressed and quickly. Within a few days, I begun to significantly improve. My energy levels begun to rise, my eyes begun to clear from red/yellow to white once more, and my skin begun to look healthy again. I realised I was on the road to recovery, with thanks to her alone. Without doubt, Vanessa’s suggestions have profoundly changed my life. Having taken her advice, I am now eternally grateful and highly recommend Vanessa.

Alexander Kalliades, Ealing:
I just wanted to thank you for the support and good advise you gave me while I was very ill at the beginning of this year. I wanted to let you know that I am slowly getting better now and have managed to gain a decent amount of weight and am eating a lot more.

Judith, Richmond:
I first saw Vanessa about 6 weeks ago and have already notice a change in my energy levels, mood and ability to sleep well. As I approach the menopause, I want to be able to face it head on in the most natural way and feel that I have someone to support me through it. Vanessa’s dietary advice has been so helpful for my sugar cravings and the supplements she recommended are already making a difference to my overall well being. I highly recommend Vanessa as a really good listener as she takes into consideration all aspects of any health worries you may have.

KK, West London:
I am so impressed with the support and expertise from Vanessa at Wellbeing and Nutrition. My health condition and general wellbeing has improved significantly shortly after I started following the programme specifically created for me by Vanessa. The programme is not only beneficial for me for short term, it also benefits me and my family for life. I have been recommending my friends to see Vanessa and I have been hearing so much excellent feedback from my friends regarding their experience with Vanessa. I will recommend Wellbeing and Nutrition to everyone.

Michelle Sutton, Banbury:
Vanessa helps me to manage my polycystic ovary symptoms naturally which included heavy painful periods, tiredness, cravings and low mood. I was struggling to balance the carbohydrates needed to improve my energy levels without putting on weight. Vanessa recommended a combination of simple dietary changes, substitutions and supplements that I can achieve with a busy family and work life. I now have more energy to exercise which also helps to improve my PCOS. Thanks to Vanessa, my weight has reduced and stabilised, my symptoms have all improved immensely and I feel back in control of my PCOS and my life.

Chris Pidoux, Hanwell:
You really have set me on the right track during some tricky moments in the last 4 years, by showing me the importance of eating the right things to obtain better results with my health and that I can take control of my diet completely and have good routines and also avoid or limit unwanted substances from my body. It has been very good education for me.

Vanessa is a fully qualified BANT registered Nutritional Therapist and ILM Accredited Wellbeing Coach practising in Ealing, West London and on Skype.  She is registered with CNHC, approved as an Accredited Register for health practitioners by the Professional Standards Authority of the UK.