My Top Five Cookbooks

I love buying a new book that inspires me to try new recipes. I’m always on the lookout for books that I can recommend to my nutritional therapy clients who will invariably be trying to eat in a healthier way and therefore most likely minimising wheat, dairy, meat and definitely sugar.

Sometimes – and especially in the past – ‘healthy’ cookbooks could equal bland food but I’m an advocate of big flavours and enjoyment of food so the following books are the ones that inspire me to make delicious and nutritious food and that I turn to again and again.


Deliciously Ella: Quick and Easy Plant Based Quick and Easy

I’m starting with my newest purchase! I have now made about a dozen meals from the recipes in this book and all have been delicious. I particularly love the mushroom and walnut ragu (I use pecans instead), the sesame, almond and tofu bowl and the stuffed aubergines. If you want to up your vegetable intake, this is for you. I could recommend all Deliciously Ella’s books but actually this latest one is my favourite.

Sesame, almond and tofu bowl

Jamie Oliver: 5 Ingredients – Quick and Easy Food

This is indeed full of quick and easy recipes with only 5 ingredients. I love the baked garlicky mushrooms, quick Asian fishcakes and the carrot and grain salad. I might not recommend every single recipe in this book to my clients but if you pick and choose there are some good ones and they’re great if you’re short on time.

Anna Jones: The Modern Cooks Year

I absolutely love all the Anna Jones books but I think I probably make more meals from this one than the others and I like the fact that the recipes are divided into seasons. A firm favourite is the not-chicken soup which is a go-to in the Winter months, also the almond satay bowl, the sweet potato and green chilli masala dosa and the black sesame noodle bowl.

Jamie Oliver: Veg

I make no apology for including another Jamie Oliver book because this is such a good one. I love the vegetable tagine but I also like the Greek inspired cauliflower stew and the potato and mushroom al forno

Fearne Cotton: Cook Happy, Cook Healthy

I have a few recipes from this one that I use fairly regularly – the quick and easy quinoa bowl with halloumi is one but I also like her sweet recipes for a treat, especially the banana bread and for birthdays, the death by chocolate cake.


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